Here’s To You by The Flatirons Jazz Orchestra Featuring Deborah Stafford



  1. The Queen Bee 3:38
  2. I Love Being Here with You 1:48
  3. Deedle’s Blues 3:04
  4. You’ve Changed 3:28
  5. When Sunny Gets Blue 3:58
  6. Stuff Like That There 2:46
  7. Broadway 4:46
  8. Hey Bop a Re Bop 2:55
  9. Have You Met (Mr.) Jones 2:14
  10. At Last 4:02
  11. Eager Beaver 3:15
  12. In a Mellow Tone 5:24
  13. Cheek to Cheek 3:42
  14. Here’s to Life 4:03
  15. Blue Skies 2:11



Vocals: Deborah Stafford Trombones:

Saxophones: Decker Babcock, Ben Garcia, Zach
Stephen Angus, Dave Gribble. Garcia, Jim Griffis, Tom Soto, Tommy
Tom Henderson, John Kotches, Van Den Berg

Doug Rasmussen, Dick Shaw, Rhythm Section:

Patty Shaw, Bill Zwigart Kent Fields, David James, Jim
Trumpets: Lichens, Chase Norris, Matthew
Ryan Cavis, Jared Crump- Popkin, Todd Van Selus, Orvel Ray

Bertram, Gary Lloyd, Richard Wilson
Mason, Randy Miotke, Adisa
Nickerson, Dave Thomas

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Stephen Angus, Three Ring Services, LLC.
Executive Producer, Orvel Ray Wilson. Recorded at KMG Life Studios.

This project was funded in part by the Pathways to Jazz grant, a donor advised fund of the Boulder County Arts Alliance

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