Chris Norton

  • Chris Norton, bass
  • Chris just returned to Colorado after living in Florida where he played with three other Big Bands, various quartets, and the Loomis Brothers Circus.

    While many people threaten to run away and join the Circus, Chris actually did.  He joined the last traditional three-ring Circus left in North America, and played with them for 5 years!  At the same time, he expanded his knowledge in other musical areas, like funk, classical, and contemporary music. A first-call Bassist,  he’s also played with William Florian,  lead singer of the New Christy Minstrels, and Old Guard jazz man Dick Hyman on several occasions. On the rock side, he’s played with Patrick Moraz (from YES and the Moody Blues) and Members of the Hermans Hermits.  He is indeed, the Keeper of the Sacred Groove.

    Prior to moving to Florida, he was a fixture with the Mile High Big Band. When he isn’t playing he enjoys cycling and hiking.

    The experimental instrument he plays is unique in the bass world, as Yamaha only made 50 prototypes of the “Silent Upright.”