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Orvel Ray “Sticks” Wilson

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  1. Gavin C Worland says:

    Hi my name is Gavin Worland a senior at Lyons High School and I’ve been a lead trumpet player in an all-state level elite jazz band in Colorado under the direction of Dr. Karen Gregg. After high school I’m planning on not attending a 4-year yet but to do online college and planning on nailing down my trumpet skills so this would be an amazing way for me to keep playing and get some advice from some pros as well.

    Thanks Again!
    Gavin C. Worland

  2. Zack Demos says:


    I saw a post from Stephen Angus in the “Colorado Horn Players” Facebook group saying that you are looking for a lead trombone player. Just wanted to let you know that my friend Jonathan Zimny lives in Lafayette (currently finishing his Masters at CU Boulder) and you might try contacting him to fill the spot. I’m a trombone player as well but I live a lot farther away and am better on 2nd/3rd part. Here is Jonathan’s contact info:

    Phone: 916 605 6207

    I’ll leave my contact info as well, but Jon is highly recommended! Take care

  3. Quentin Volk says:

    Hello, my name is Quentin Volk and I currently live in Loveland Colorado. I graduated from Mountain View high school in 2012 and went to Wisconsin (same school as Ryan Cavis, actually) to pursue a degree in trumpet performance. I took a year off to pursue different trumpet jobs and am now living back here in Loveland as I am playing full-time at the candlelight theatre. Looking ahead, I am going to be here for the foreseeable future and would like to become a part of the music environment around me. Therefore, I am contacting you in hopes that if you folks ever needed a sub in the trumpet section, you would think of me as a possible player. I do have some recording examples on my website under the audio section, and if you would like some more examples I can send you some more updated ones if you would like. Hope all is well and look forward to speaking with you

  4. Frank Saunders says:

    Will your orchestra be playing at a New Year’s Eve dance? We enjoyed the Wings and Strings event dancing very much and would love to dance to your wonderful sounds again soon.

  5. George Somi says:


    I was looking at jazz ensembles in Denver and came across your group. Is there a possibility to audition into it? I play tenor/alto sax, clarinet, and piano.

    George Somi

    • OrvelRay says:

      We have a full sax section at the moment, but we’re always looking for good players. We also like to groom understudies, who then have the opportunity to sub if needed. Come sit in at one of our regular rehearsals. Call “Sticks” at 303-642-0510 and we’ll give you all the details.

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